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FiForms Framework Documentation Project

This wiki is the official documentation site of the FiForms Framework. Here you should find the latest documentation, help, and tutorials for using and writing applications in the FiForms Framework. You can also help us by adding content. If you need help and you can't find it here, you could try adding your question to the FAQ and the developer or another user will post an answer to your question. Happy Coding!

Please Note: due to the extremely high volume of automated spam and vandalism we have been experiencing, this entire wiki is locked to only registered users. We would like contribution here--if you would like an account, please email us at [i n f o at f i f o r m s NOSPAM DOT n e t]. Thanks!

Helpful Articles

XML Language Reference

User Contributed Tutorials

Please feel free to help out by contributing your own tutorials


Take a look at our To Do list to see what features are planned for FiForms, and how you can get involved.

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