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This tutorial describes how to use TortoiseCVS to get the latest version of the FiForms Framework from the same place where the developers work on it--the CVS repositories at Using TortoiseCVS you can also upgrade the FiForms Framework without having to download a new version and reinstall. The only downside is that, as the developers work on it, the FiForms Framework can change rapidly and without warning, and there's no telling how many bugs could be in there...

That said, you know the risks, so if you're still reading then it's time to get started.


Setup Software

I'm going to assume you've installed XAMPP at c:\xampp. If you haven't, I would recommend that you install XAMPP now.

Download TortoiseCVS from and install it. Bookmark this page before you restart your computer, and come right back here when it boots up.

Checkout FiForms

Open Windows Explorer


And Navigate to c:\xampp

Notice that you have new option in your right-click menu: CVS Checkout...


Right click in c:\xampp and click the new CVS Checkout... option.

You should see a window that looks something like this:


Now copy the following text into the first box labeled CVSROOT: [1]

This will automatically fill the other necessary boxes. At the bottom of the window, next to "Module," is a button to "Fetch List." Click this button to get a list of available modules. Then you can select the FiForms module. The window should now look like this:


Click OK to start downloading the files. We hope to get a window that looks like this when we're finished:


And in Windows Explorer, you should see a new folder that looks like this:


Download and Install Additional Files

#1 - Needed by Windows Users Only

Now, you need to download the Windows Executables that are not included as part of the CVS Download. They have been packaged for your convenience here

Extract the zip file and place the bin folder inside the FiForms/apps folder of the CVS package that you just checked out.

#2 - Needed by Windows and Linux Users

For generating FiReports you will also need the file XPath.class.php from the PhpXPath project. Download the zip file here, extract the files, and copy XPath.class.php into the FiForms_includes folder.


Now you should be ready to continue the installation process.

If you checkout FiForms from CVS using this method, it is strongly recommended that you add an alias to httpd.conf instead of moving the scripts folder, as described in the installation instructions.

Anytime you want to, you can update your installation of the FiForms Framework using the CVS Update option in your context menu.

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