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The FiForms Framework provides a method for creating user interface menus dynamically, using a list of links stored in XML. Every application should have at least one menu, named main.xml. Following is an example main.xml menu:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<reports xmlns="" version="1.1">
    <title>Bookshelf Collection Main Menu</title>
        Main Menu for the Bookshelf Collection Database, a
        demo application included with the FiForms Framework.
    <form href="books.xml"/>
    <form href="authors.xml"/>
    <rpt href="print_collection.xml"/>
    <rpt href="list_cat.xml"/>
    <list href="maintenance.xml"/>
    <link href="index.php" title="Return to FiForms Applications Menu"/>

This example generates a complete main menu for the Bookshelf Collection program. It links to:

  • Forms ( <form /> element)
  • Reports ( <rpt /> element)
  • Other Menus ( <list /> element)
  • Other URL's ( <link /> element)

More documentation can be found at

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