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There's a lot of work to be done to make the FiForms Framework a full-features application development framework.

If you are a developer or user of FiForms, or if you've just tested FiForms for the first time, and you have suggestions for features in FiForms, please add a full description of your feature request to the Other Features (Requested) section below. We will use the discussion page of this article to discuss feature requests and move feature requests to either the "Planned" sections or the "Not Planned" sections.


Features Planned

FiForms Framework 1.1 and FiForms XML 1.1 are currently in production, and we are currently working on the release of FiForms Framework 1.2 and FiForms XML 1.2.

Work In Progress for FiForms 1.2 Release

Development of a new Login System


Yet To Do

  • Create and test iContainer-related classes and XML elements to support pretty layout of forms.
  • Remove dependence on Xpath.class.php
  • Create an article in this wiki for each PHP class and each XML element in FiForms.
  • Modularize database interface into a separate class so that future support for other databases will be possible.
  • Insure the the framework will work properly with various PHP configurations (such as magic_quotes_gpc)
  • Provide for intelligent caching of FiReports generated XML, to improve AJAX performance (assigned to robert42539)
  • Test all features on as wide a variety of platforms as possible, including testing on Internet Explorer. We need help from the community on this! Please test the CVS version on your system and post details of your host system and installation procedure, including any problems you encountered, on the discussion page of this forum.

Features Planned for Future Releases

  • Add automatic search features to search for data in select form fields from a single search box
  • Support for PostgreSQL database backend.
  • Support for other database backends.
  • A Web-Based or GTK GUI (Graphical User-Interface) to design XML FiForms and FiReports. This could ideally expand to allow users to create whole applications, including the database schema and interface, from within the same GUI.

Features Not Planned for a Future Releases

Other Features (Requested)

Bug List


Working on


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